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Price and Price Law Firm FAQ

Where is your office located?

10,000 North Central Expressway

Suite 400

Dallas, Texas 75231

What are your office hours?

The receptionist answers our phone and greets clients Monday-Friday 9am-5pm but you can leave a message at any time. 

What is your phone number?

Phone: 214-696-9601

What is your fax number?

How do I send you an email?

Click here.

How quickly do you respond to email?

In some cases, you may receive a response within a few minutes. In other cases; if we are with another client our in court; we might respond in a few hours. If you email us after hours, we might respond if we are still working; but we may respond the next day. If you email us on the weekend or on a holiday, it could be a few days before you receive a response. Sometimes, we respond to emails on the weekends, but we don’t work every weekend so can’t guarantee will see your email over the weekend. 

How do I send you a text message?

We have two texting programs. You can text us at 214-696-9601 or respond to one of our texts.  If you are initiating the text conversation, please include your name in the message.

What kinds of text messages do you send?

All kinds! We send appointment reminders, plan payment reminders, court reminders, meetings of creditors reminders and answer questions via text.

How quickly do you respond to text messages?

Even though our texting program is computer-based, we are able to receive the notifications on our phones. However, we may not always be in a position to answer immediately. For instance, we could be in court or with another client. If your question requires us to access your file and we can’t do so right away, we may have to wait to respond until we are in a position to check your case information. This might be the next workday.

How are appointments conducted?

Appointments are conducted in person when your case is just beginning, and you haven’t filed yet. After your case has been filed, we are more likely to conduct phone appointments unless you need to sign documents. Due to COVID-19, accommodations have been made so that we can conduct appointments via ZOOM to negate unnecessary in-person contact.


Do you have evening or weekend appointments?


How will I know what is happening in my case?

We send documents filed in your case via email with an accompanying explanation. 

How will I know about new bankruptcy procedures while I'm in my case?

We send periodic newsletters about new bankruptcy procedures and how the impact our clients. 

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