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At Price and Price, we are bankruptcy lawyers in Dallas, Tx who understand life doesn’t always go as planned. As attorneys, we realize you have questions and need guidance through the bankruptcy processes. If you are facing overwhelming debt, repossession, foreclosure or another life-change which has caused you to fall behind on your bills and consider bankruptcy, contact us for your free consultation. We may be able to help you move forward and obtain your fresh start. 

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At Price and Price, we help people file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and have done so proudly for over 37 years. We are a debt-relief law firm under the bankruptcy code. 

We help people reorganize debts and stop repossessions, foreclosure, garnishments and creditor harassment by using the Bankruptcy Code. We specialize in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. This means we are familiar with the financial difficulties consumers, such as individuals, families and small businesses, face every day. Combined, Billy Price and Megan Price have handled over 5,000 bankruptcy cases. We have the experience, the knowledge and the skills to help you use bankruptcy to meet your financial goals. Your success is important to us. Since the majority of our clients are referrals, we strive to live up to our reputation. We know you’ll report back to the client who referred you to our office, and we do our best to make sure you can report positively. Billy Price and Megan Price are also Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. This means the State of Texas deems them experts in Consumer Bankruptcy Law. 

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As bankruptcy attorneys, we realize your life is complicated and perhaps things haven’t worked out as you would have liked. Running a law practice, we understand what it’s like to own your own business and this gives us special insight when dealing with our business bankruptcy clients. 

However, we also firmly believe each case is equally important. As a result, we make a special effort to give each of our clients one-on-one attention. We understand that a person wanting to save a business expects and deserves the same service as a person who wants to save a home or the person who simply wants to stop receiving harassing creditor phone calls. We understand you are not only looking for an attorney, but also a counselor at law. Since each of our clients is a valuable part of our practice, Billy Price and Megan Price make an effort to return phone calls, texts and emails personally. This means you will not only meet with a Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney in person, you will correspond with one throughout your case. You will rarely interact with a paralegal. We have found regular attorney-client contact rather than paralegal-client contact to be extremely efficient and hugely satisfactory to our clients. Bankruptcy law is complicated, and we want our clients to feel confident they have the best possible client experience and the best bankruptcy lawyer. The circumstances which brought you to consider hiring a bankruptcy attorney are stressful, but we want to make your bankruptcy case as pleasant as possible so you can enjoy your fresh start.


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Billy Price and Megan Price are Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy.

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At Price and Price, we know it is important to receive regular communication from your bankruptcy attorney. Clients can communicate with us through phone, email and text messages, all of which are saved in your file. We regularly send our clients personal emails and text messages as well as email newsletters with general information and announcements. Ready to find out more? To get started with Price and Price, complete our Contact Form so we can set your Free Consultation. We will respond shortly. We look forward to meeting you!

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Did you know? The Court sets the bankruptcy attorney fees for all chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys whether or not her or she is Board Certified. This means all chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys charge the same rate as mandated by Court Order. We offer competitive rates for chapter 7 bankruptcy cases as well. Furthermore, the retainer includes all required bankruptcy fees including the bankruptcy filing fee, the credit counseling class, the financial management class in chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, a credit report and amendment fees for a shell petition.


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If you have recently received a judgment and your checking account is soon to be garnished, the Automatic Stay provided by a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can stop the garnishment. This is also true for wage garnishments.


If your property is about to be repossessed and sold by the lender, you may benefit from a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. If the repossession is recent, you may be able to regain possession of the property and make payments via the Chapter 13 plan.

How Can Bankruptcy Help Me?

If you have financial difficulties, such as overwhelming dept, repossession, garnishment or foreclosure, bankruptcy may be a solution.


If you are facing foreclosure, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may benefit you if your goal is to save your home and repay the arrears, while Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be used to surrender the home to the lender without personal liability.


Small business owners may benefit through a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy depending on whether they need to liquidate or reorganize. Selecting the chapter to file may also depend upon whether the business continues to operate.

Who Files Bankruptcy?

Individuals and families might consider bankruptcy when they are facing issues such as overwhelming debt, garnishment, judgments, harassing collection efforts, repossession, or foreclosure. In these situations, the individual or family is looking for relief from debt and to save their assets from repossession or foreclosure. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be very useful for saving assets and discharging debt, or to surrender assets back to the lender without personal liability.

As soon as a bankruptcy case is filed, a client is given bankruptcy protections by virtue of the Automatic Stay. The Automatic Stay is a Court Order which prevents a client’s creditors from taking collection actions against the client without a Court Order. In addition to the Automatic Stay, a client may be able to reorganize some debts and discharge other debts. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy are very powerful tools for protecting assets, eliminating debts and obtaining a fresh-start.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is also known as liquidation bankruptcy or straight bankruptcy. Clients might consider Chapter 7 Bankruptcy if they are current on their secured property or wish to surrender their secured property to the lender. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is also extremely beneficial to clients with primarily business debts or to clients with mainly unsecured debts. Usually, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a fairly short process and lasts 3 to 5 months unless the Chapter 7 Trustee finds there are assets to administer or a party objects to a client’s Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge. However, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy has strict income and filing requirements which can put your property or your Chapter 7 Discharge at risk. To ensure proper handling of your case, make sure you speak with a competent attorney. For more information about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, consult our ebooks above or visit our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy webpage, here.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is known as a reorganization bankruptcy or “wage earners” bankruptcy because clients make monthly payments to reorganize their debts. Clients might consider Chapter 13 Bankruptcy if they are behind on their secured property, such as houses and cars, or priority debts, such as child support and taxes, or do not meet the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing requirements. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy plans last 36 to 60 months. In a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the goal is to make all required plan payments so that a client’s secured property and priority debts are current and unsecured debts are appropriately reorganized when the plan is complete. As you can see, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is very complicated. To ensure proper handling of your case, you should speak with a competent Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorney. For more information about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, visit our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy webpage here.

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