Why choose Price and Price Law for your Bankruptcy?

Additional Information

We know you have choices regarding legal representation. Why should you choose Price and Price?

Personal Attention

At Price and Price, you will meet with a Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Law Attorney who will handle your case from start to finish. In fact, it is rare that you will interact with a legal assistant. Our legal assistant, Diana, who is Billy's wife and Megan's mom, wants to retire soon! This means nearly every phone call, email or text message you receive will come directly from an attorney. Not only that, but the attorney will know your case inside and out. 

Constant Contact

It is our goal to keep you informed. You can communicate with us through phone, email and text messages. We will be contacting you on a regular basis as well. You will receive regular emails about your case and we also send email newsletters with general information and updates. 


The Court sets the fees for all chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys whether or not her or she is Board Certified. This means all chapter 13 attorneys charge the same rate as mandated by Court Order. We offer competitive rates for chapter 7 cases as well. Furthermore, the retainer includes all required fees including the filing fee, the credit counseling class, the financial management class in chapter 7 cases, a credit report and amendment fees for a shell petition. 


When you come to our office, we will do our best to help you meet your financial goals. However, we never want to make our clients feel as though we are salespeople who promise results that cannot be achieved. If bankruptcy can't help you meet your goals, we will be honest with you, and do our best to help you find alternative solutions. 


Combined, Billy Price and Megan Price have handled over 5,000 consumer bankruptcy cases. Billy Price has been practicing law since 1992 and Megan Price has been practicing since 2008.


Billy Price and Megan Price are Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. This means the State of Texas considers them expert Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyers.  Links to Billy's and Megan's Board Specialization pages are below: